Company History

The history of AMAC SP, J. S. C. - Ohrid began in the far 1960. In September 1960, it was the People's Committee of Ohrid Municipality that had made a decision for establishing a metal - processing enterprise named "Heroj Toza Dragovic".

Until its organizational transformation in September 1994, it was a Company of a Limited Liability in Mixed Ownership for Production and Sales of Automotive Fancy Products and tools ZASTAVA HTD - Ohrid, or abbreviated ZASTAVA HTD d. o. o., PO, Ohrid.

In September 1994, the Company was registered a an independent legal entity named a Joint Venture company of Limited Liability for Production and Sales of Automotive Fancy Products D. O. O., ZASTAVA AGP, PO., Ohrid or abbreviated ZASTAVA AGP, AD - Ohrid.

By a new transformation taking place in April 1999 , the Company operated as a Stock Company for Production and Sales of Automotive Fancy Goods and Plastic Products ZASTAVA AGP, AD - Ohrid.

By the latest transformation taking place in February 2002, the Company has been operating And functioning under the name of AMAC SP, J. S. C. - Ohrid - R. of Macedonia.

Significant dates in the Company's growth:

»» In 1972 ,the Company started developing window regulators under the ROCKWELL GOLDE - Germany; licence

»» In 1973, the Company started developing vehicle door locks under the licence of SASEB-Switzerland (SAFE,Marina di Pizza - Italy) as per FIAT's documentation

»» In 1976,the development of static and inertia (automatic) safety seat belts was started under the KOLB-Germany licence. Later,this program was renewed by a new 1986 generation of safety seat belts with AUTOLIV KOLB-Germany.

»» In 1979,our own processing of engineering thermoplastic materials (injection molding)was introduced;

»» In 1985,the manufacture of flat,prismatic and spherical mirrors was introduced;

»» In 1988,the manufacture of vehicle door lock under the KIEKERT TAGA, Germany; licence was started.It was in this year that the vehicle components manufacture as per our own patented solutions was also initiated.Our patents have been protected with the Institute for Protection of Industrial Property.

The AMAC SP technological development has been in a constant rise.New technologies are being developed that will ensure an improved quality of our products and greater competitiveness on the world market. Currently,the main technologies used are:

  • injection molding of engineering thermoplastic materials
  • treatment by steel sheet and wire deformation (punching,simple and fine stamping out)
  • mechanical treatment by chip removal (single and multi-spindle automatic machines,special aggregate boring machines,milling machines,reaming machines,and alike)
  • polishing,buffing,vibration
  • heat treatment
  • plating of parts (coppering,nickel plating,chromium plating,on Zn and Fe (steels) alloys,zinc plating,phosphating,hard chromium plating and other electrochemical procedures,waste water treatment.
  • assembling (spot welding,riveting)
  • maintenance and overhauling of equipment,tools and devices

The above mentioned technologies are the basic of AMAC SP main production program:

  • Safety seat belts
  • Door locks and mechanisms
  • Window regulators - mechanical
  • Rear-view mirrors (both internal and external)
  • Hinges for doors and covers